HCS Consultants - Hassle-free from application to approval  
    We assist your business to review its current business processes, documentation & operation to conform to
MUIS' halal certification requirements & subsequently to successfully attain your MUIS halal certificate.
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HCS Consultants - MUIS - Halal consultancy and halal application  

We assist your business to achieve the desired readiness to conform to MUIS Halal Certification requirements by simplifying the whole Halal process for you.

  • Choosing the right Halal Scheme
  • Review operations for Halal compliance
  • Facilitate HALMQ Principles
  • Data Entry on MUIS E-Halal System (LicenseOne)
  • Compile Halal Filing documentation
  • Responding to Application Shortcomings
  • Assistance with potential Halal threats
  • Halal Team Members Briefing
  • Assisting in Signing up for MUIS Halal Foundation Program
  • Mock Audit of Premises
  • Printing Halal Logo Stickers
HCS Consultants - MUIS - Halal maintenance and renewal services  
HCS Consultants - halmq implementation and documentation  
HCS Consultants - MUIS - international halal certification assistant  
HCS Consultants - MUIS - sourcing halal suppliers and ritual cleansing