HCS Consultants - Hassle-free from application to approval  
    We assist your business to review its current business processes, documentation & operation to conform to
MUIS' halal certification requirements & subsequently to successfully attain your MUIS halal certificate.
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HCS Consultants - MUIS - Halal consultancy and halal application  

Assisting businesses to source for viable alternatives to their current ingredients in order to conform to halal standards as well as the cleansing of kitchens, equipments & cultery that was priorly non-Halal to be safe for Muslim consumption.

  • Provide Ready list of Halal Suppliers & Products
  • Maintain similar taste & quality with alt. ingredients
  • Provide advice for Ritual Cleansing Requirements
  • Recommend reliable Ritual Cleansing services providers
  • Admin support for Ritual Cleansing services.
HCS Consultants - MUIS - Halal maintenance and renewal services  
HCS Consultants - halmq implementation and documentation  
HCS Consultants - MUIS - international halal certification assistant  
HCS Consultants - MUIS - sourcing halal suppliers and ritual cleansing