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HCS Consultants - How to apply for MUIS Halal Certificate in Singapore
Here is the step-by-step process of Halal Application via our HCS Consultants who has more than 10 years of combined experience, making the Halal Application Process simpler and fuss-free so you can concentrate on your business with minimum disruption.
  Do call or email our friendly staff should you be interested to apply for a Halal Certificate and we can answer any questions that you may have pertaining it.  
+65 6348 8031 (o) +65 9109 8205 (hp) info@simplyhalal.com.sg (e)
  We will do a walk-through of the entire process of certification with an initial schedule to set the pace, direction and course of action to attain your Halal Certificate.    
    Our administrators will assist with data entry of all items & ingredients as required on MUIS e-Halal System (MeS) & prepare all goods invoices, flow-charts and other HALMQ documentation in your Halal File.   We will review your current processes, documentation & operations for Halal compliance & any other areas that the MUIS Halal Audit Team may require for a successful application.  
  Once the Application is received, an Audit will be conducted at the premises. We will assist in responding to any queries, shortcomings or issues raised on your behalf after the Audit process is complete.   We will inform you once application is approved and Halal Certificate is issued. If you like, we can also pick it up from the MUIS Admin Office and send it to your preferred address, by courier or by-hand.    
    Halal Certificates have to be renewed annually, at a minimum of 2 month before expiry date. Call us, and we can assist you with the Halal Certificate Renewal Process, keeping the process truly fuss-free for you!   Periodic audits will be carried out by the MUIS Halal Team. Should you have limited capability to maintain your Halal File & updating your MUIS e-System (MeS) with new items on your menu, just request for our Halal Maintenance Services.