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Fazil Hamid Marican founded HCS Consultants in 2004.

As Principal Consultant and CEO, he has deep understanding of the Halal requirements deemed acceptable to the Muslim public. Aware of the many hurdles faced by businesses to meet these requirements, he value-adds by troubleshooting potential problems, providing innovative solutions
& recommending process improvements.

As an independent halal consultant, he works closely with MUIS, the Halal certifying body of Singapore, and continues to share a goodworking relationship with them.


Fathin Marican, Manager, has assisted multiple businesses in the successful application of their Halal certificate. Her forte is processing the necessary documentation for the halal application, as she understands clearly the good intentions behind HALMQ principles & its business relevance.

Experienced with the do’s and don’t’s, she will assist you to expedite the halal application process by minimizing  shortcomings so you can continue your business with minimal disruption.

  HCS Consultants - Senior Consultant - Fathin Marican
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